Anahita Rokni

Anahita is a piano and guitar instructor, as well as a singer-songwriter.

Originally from Tehran, Iran, she began her musical journey at the age of 5. Anahita studied at Tehran’s Music Conservatory and learned the piano as her first instrument with the classical music method. She then moved to Vienna, Austria at the age of 16 with a music scholarship at Amadeus Music School and continued her studies as a piano performer and songwriter. Later on, she relocated to Sweden and graduated from the IB program in Gothenburg. Currently she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Anahita has professional performing experiences as a pianist and accompanist, and has performed at several music festivals and shows in Austria and Sweden including SofarSounds in Gothenburg. As a private music teacher she has experience teaching young children from the age of 4 as well as adults. Although classically trained, Anahita has songwriting and teaching experiences in contemporary genres including country, punk, and rock music. Working with children from different cultures with different languages, has led her to believe that music is the common language in our world which encourages people to grow and explore their own creativity.


English, Persian, German &  Swedish

Age Ranges

Children (4+), Teens & Adults

Teaching Days

Tuesdays & Fridays


Piano, Guitar, Bass & Voice