Stage fright: Four Ways to Deal with Nervousness when Performing

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Stage fright is the fear of failure when performing. When we are talking about a performing artist it’s the fear of a public failure that all will see. It’s not only failing, but also having everyone see all your inadequacies. So, stage fright is more than just being a little nervous. Does everyone get nervous […]

Everyday Music Jargon You Hear and Use

Music Jargon You Hear and Use music instruments

“Bring your axe to the jam.” “I need to woodshed the changes before the gig.” “Can you blow over the bridge?” “After the turnaround, play the head.” “Let’s tag it.” “Do we hit the shots after the break?” “There were a lot of clams on that gig; it was basically a train wreck” “The band […]

Practical Practice Philosophy 

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“Practice puts brains in your muscles.” – Sam Snead (Hall of Fame golfer) What advice can you think of when it comes to practice, musical or otherwise? The most famous bit is likely “practice makes perfect.” But who is perfect? Even though practice is essential for success, it’s difficult for almost everyone. World-renown cellist Yo Yo […]

How Does Making Music Make You Healthy?

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Three Real Health Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument Through a few decades of experience as a musician I’ve noticed playing an instrument and/or singing can have a positive effect on overall health. I’ve seen this in my students, friends, family, and colleagues. The benefits don’t depend much on which instrument you play or whether […]