Music Lessons & Groups

A Stress Free, Inclusive, and Positive Learning Environment for All!

Why Ekko?

Inclusivity & Diversity

Ekko Studio is 2SLGBTQIA+ owned. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, welcoming students from all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. We believe in creating a safe and inclusive space where everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to express themselves through music.

Joy & Passion

We celebrate the joy and passion that music brings to our lives. We strive to ignite and nurture a love for music in our students, fostering a positive and enthusiastic learning environment where they can explore their musical talents with excitement and dedication.

Community & Support

As a social enterprise, we foster a supportive and welcoming community where students can connect and inspire each other. We believe in creating a nurturing environment where students feel valued, supported, and encouraged to explore and express themselves through music.

Free Trial Lesson

We would like to offer everyone the chance to try out music lessons with us. We offer lessons for a wide range of instruments and for people of all backgrounds. Book a trial today!

Our Services

Ekko Studio provides a wide range of music and wellness services. Check out our music services below!

Available Mondays to Saturdays

Private Music Lessons

We offer private one-on-one lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute lengths for various instruments.

Sunday Rehearsals

Out Loud Choir

The Out Loud Choir is a place where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated! Whether you’re LGBTQIA+ or an ally, all voices are welcome to come sing and create a safe and empowering space. Our choir performs a variety of genres, from pop to classical and we strive to build a sense of community and belonging through music. No prior choir experience is necessary, all skill levels are welcome and training is provided. Sign up now to be a part of something special!

Thursday Rehearsals

Lake City Orchestra & Folk Sessions

Orchestra Rehearsals:

A Dartmouth community orchestra, conducted by Connor Cornick. This orchestra is made for those who are interested in gaining experience in orchestral playing and learning to play with other instruments and sections

Folk Sessions: 

The folk sessions structured so that you can drop in whenever you want. Members will share and learn various folk tunes from different regions, usually learning by ear. A wide range of fiddle styles are also examined (e.g., Old Time, Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, Western Canadian, Breton, Scandinavian, etc.). The group is not just limited to fiddles. Guitarists and other accompaniment instruments are welcome to join, learn, and have fun!

Thursday Rehearsals

Ekko Kids’ Choir

Ekko Kids’ Choir is a fun and interactive group open to ages 6 to 15. Led by our vocal instructor Reagan, the choir will explore music of different styles and genres, including Disney, pop, world music, and much more!  Bring your smile, and a bottle of water if you need!

More groups upcoming!

  •  Ekko Chamber Choir (now auditioning for Summer!)
  • Music Theatre

Our Instructors

Adam LeBlanc

Violin, Fiddle & Cello

Anahita Rokni

Piano, Guitar, Bass, Beginner Ukulele and Voice

Anna Nykanova

Voice & Piano

Brad McGoey

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, and Beginner Piano

Brendan Culver

Music Theory & Composition

Caito MacDonald

Percussion, Drums, Guitar, and Ukuele

Connor Cornick

Cello, Violin, and Viola

Indi Tisoy Morales

Violin & Fiddle

Joseph Goodwin

Voice & Piano

Luc Way

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Beginner Piano

Lucas Wright


Nicholas Redmond

Percussion, Drums, Guitar,and Ukulele

Reagan Mae Kuzyk

Voice & Piano

Rebecca Cassidy

Woodwinds & Brass