Angie Gawdunyk
Angie Gawdunyk
I highly recommend Ekko Mindful Music Studio! Adam is a very knowledgeable teacher. My daughter learned a lot from him. He let her learn at her own pace and never added any undue pressure. I also love that they offer different musical groups for all ages. This was a great way for my daughter to learn playing in a group with different instruments.
Robert Nichols
Robert Nichols
Had a great experience here. Adam and the crew at Ekko make everything very easy!
Finch van Baal
Finch van Baal
I'm a little shocked that I still haven't written a review on Ekko! I started violin lessons in Ontario pre-pandemic, and took a prolonged hiatus when in-person lessons weren't an option. Ekko was recommended to me last September, and I've been taking lessons ever since. I cannot stress enough how rare and important a school like Ekko is. So much music education I've encountered has been intense and achievement based, progressing at a pace I could never keep up with. I have no doubt that a more ambitious student would still thrive at Ekko, but as the studio's name suggests, taking lessons each week is as grounding an experience as it is educational. Having said all that, it should come as no surprise that I have the best time attending lessons at such a warm, supportive environment. Special thanks to director Adam LeBlanc and cello / strings instructor Connor Cornick -- both absolute (music education) rockstars!
abbie hunter
abbie hunter
Environment is welcoming and calm. Excellent violin instruction, son finds learning to play fun and likes his instructor. The musical learning experience has been amazing and a source of confidence and pride for the whole family. 5 stars
Genevieve Orton
Genevieve Orton
Adam at Ekko Music Studio is incredibly kind and patient. He does a really great job keeping it fun and interesting for young music students. Fantastic knowledge as well.

Our Instructors

Adam LeBlanc Headshot

Adam LeBlanc
Violin, Fiddle & Cello

Andrew MacKelvie
Woodwinds & BRASS

Caito MacDonald
Percussion & Guitar


Voice, Guitar, Bass & Piano

Connor Cornick headshot

Connor Cornick
Violin, Fiddle & Cello

Gabe Mink
Guitar, Ukulele & Piano

Isabelle Riche
Piano & Voice

Luc Way
Voice, Guitar, Ukulele & Bass

Lucas Wright

Voice & Piano

Roger Stone headshot

Guitar & Folk Instruments