Anna Nykonova

Anna’s life revolves around music, as she’s an accomplished singer, pianist, and composer with a penchant for various styles, from classical to modern. She’s graced the stage as a solo artist, in bands, choirs, and musical theaters. Beginning her musical journey at the tender age of four, Anna has since earned a Master’s Degree in Music Arts.

To her, music is a magical realm, one that can be understood, akin to the beauty of mathematics. Anna possesses the key to unlock the secrets that transform simple melodies into mesmerizing harmonies and has a profound grasp of music theory. As a dedicated teacher, she adeptly guides her students, tailoring her approach to each individual and nurturing their creativity. Improvisation plays a crucial role in her teaching process.

Anna’s career bloomed in Ukraine while studying pop-vocal at the esteemed Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. Her talent led her to perform in countless concerts and competitions across Ukraine and Poland, honing her teaching skills along the way. Currently, in Halifax, she actively participates in concerts held by the Ukrainian Cultural Society, while eagerly planning to share her music with ever-growing audiences.


English, Ukrainian, & Polish

Age Ranges

Children (4+), Teens & Adults

Teaching Days

Tuesdays to Saturdays


Piano, Voice, & Music Theory