Nicholas Redmond

Nicholas Redmond is a local Halifax musician, with over 10 years of experience keeping a beat and playing in small projects. From a young age, they knew that they had an affinity for teaching others, and decided to enroll at NSCC Ivany campus in Music Arts Percussion to begin formally learning the craft. Set to graduate in the 2023-24 academic year, they study under world-class drummer David Burton. Styles vary, and Nicholas has studied many artists and genres, including but not limited to funk, rock, blues, neosoul, jazz, and latin rhythms.

Nicholas feels that it is important to play and listen to as many styles and kinds of music as one is able, as music is best when inspired. They understand the importance of diligent practice to write better, and hope that this reflects well in their teaching style. To them, music is about expression, feeling, and patience, and being kind to oneself when learning something new is the fastest route to success.

As a local musician, Nicholas has been booking shows and playing in the city since 16, and currently enjoys playing in many one-off projects, as well as their main project Origami Workshop, as a percussionist. The COVID-19 pandemic made many a bedroom musician, and Nicholas was no exception, writing and practicing diligently during this time, and continuing into the present.

They have played ukulele for as long as they can remember, though began taking it more seriously as an adult. When you play such a small instrument, it is easier to bring that fun wherever you go, and that’s ultimately what led them in the direction of smaller strings. Nicholas also plays guitar, and is teaching at a beginner level, with styles ranging from funk, punk, rock, blues, and anything between.

When not studying music, Nicholas enjoys any and all art, primarily interested in animation and storytelling. Nic draws in their spare time, and believes creation of art is tantamount to living the freest lives we can.

Nicholas comes from a large family, with years of experience teaching family and friends, and is excited to bring that experience to the lesson room. In their students, Nicholas hopes to instil rewarding, lifelong study habits that are both fun and rewarding.



Age Ranges

Children (4+), Teens & Adults

Teaching Days

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays


Percussion, Drums, Guitar, and Ukulele